Marshall Graham’s retained executive/ attorney search involves a mutual commitment and prioritizes the urgency level of the need. We carefully assess the position and the factors that will identify the best fit candidate. Our targeted research also evaluates the strategic, financial, political, cultural and operational aspects of the company/ firm. We only present retained search opportunities that truly fit with the needs and the goals of both the candidates and the hiring company. In the vetting process, we meticulously perform in-depth investigations on each candidate and his/her career history. We evaluate the experience, competencies, accomplishments and translatability of each candidate. We apply a strategic approach to retained search, focusing on client partnership, and cultivating a professional network of candidates to connect talent to our clients.  We design a strategy for each client to identify, vet, recruit, identify and assess candidates with experience, qualifications, and personalities that align with the client company’s needs, culture, beliefs, and values. Prior to initiating search activity, we work with you to ensure agreement on the desired outcome of each placement. We guarantee the focused, dedicated and intelligent service that drives exceptional results.





Practice Area Consultants

Retained SEarch


 Attorney & Executive Search

Along with our permanent searches, Marshall Graham also provides Practice Area Consultants (PAC). Our Practice Area Consultants are attorneys who specialize and focus their skills in a specific practice area and are available for substantive work as a contingent workforce that allows you and your firm increased flexibility. Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property; Insurance Defense; Business Litigation; Bankruptcy; and Corporate Securities are just some of the areas where our PACs specialize. Many of our PACs are multilingual and are available for assistance with international projects.